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We provide anti-oppressive and inclusive trainings, workshops and retreats that can be tailored to a variety of settings and audiences. Our workshops are fun, informative and engaging. We specialize in offering training, workshops and retreats focused on financial wellness©, financial literacy, couples finance, wellness and communication skills.


Financial Wellness© |for booking information contact us 


Couples-Queer Love Exposed©

The Relationship Challenge©


  • Financial Literacy
  • Investing 101
  • Understanding the Canadian Banking System
  • How to get a Mortgage
  • Saving on a Dime
  • How to get Credit and What to Do with It


Specialized Workshops and Retreats

  • Financial Wellness

This is our most popular workshop, during which participants learn practical strategies to manage their finances and reduce their stress. This workshop will help you get more joy out of your life and your relationships.

  • The Relationship Challenge

Through the completion of a series of fun physical, relational, emotional and financial challenges couples compete for bragging rights and prizes. Get ready to bring it!

  • Understanding Mental Health

One of the leading causes of financial, physical and relational problems are underlying issues related to mental health. But what is mental health? What are the signs that challenges are present? And what strategies lead to mental wellness. This engaging 3-hour workshop addresses all these questions and more.

  • Financial Literacy 101

During this 2-hour interactive workshop participants learn foundational knowledge vital in managing their personal finances. Utilizing the latest information in the area of financial management, participants gain insight into what financial products best suit their needs and why? Learning in this workshop successfully dispels many of the commonly held myths about how to attain and maintain wealth.

  • A Healthier Me!

During this 8-week introductory health and wellness course, participants from the Caribbean-African diaspora who are at the very beginning of their health and wellness journey receive support around ways to reach their goals. This workshop series provides opportunities for mutual aid support, it incorporates psycho-therapeutic tools, and offers practical tips, tools and strategies vital to getting ready to make changes. Learning in this course will address common pitfalls related to starting a health and wellness plan as well as practical ways to manage stress and relational problems, how to follow a budget, prepare healthy meals and new ways to get and stay active.